that elusive clarity is looking for contributions in the following formats.

Option 1: guest posts

I‘m glad to feature guest posts that fit in with the general themes of this blog. If you think you might have something appropriate to offer, please send a brief outline to

I regret that I can’t offer any payment for guest posts, but I’d be delighted to include your photo, a brief bio and a link to your website in your posting.

Option 2: ‘sunday best’

Is there a piece of creative work – a book, a film, an album, an artwork, a TV show – that really shook you up, or even changed your life, and might be in danger of being unjustly neglected? Please tell us about it! The only condition is that the work you’re recommending must have been produced at least three years ago.

Here’s what to send:

  • 1. The name of the work, and who created/directed it.

  • 2. In three sentences (or three very short paragraphs):

    • A summary of what the work is.
    • Why you think others might find it worthwhile.
    • How and/or why it made an impact on you, or changed your life.[1]
  • 3. For the credit: your name, the address of your website (optional) and a thumbnail 50×50 photo of you (optional).

Take a look at sunday best #1 for an example of the ‘sunday best’ format.

You can email your submissions to Please send the text in the body of the email, rather than as an attachment, if possible. (Photos can be sent as an email attachment.)

[1] If this is actually a long story, why not consider writing a guest post about it?