sunday best #21: The Burial

The Burial

The Burial
Jennifer Lash
First published in 1961

John Wetherell says:

I can’t remember the plot at all. There was a woman who loved geraniums. But the atmosphere is with me vividly, and the personality of the narrator (1st person).

One of the author’s poems (Seventh Song from her Suffolk Song Cycle) appeared as Poem of the Week in The Independent newspaper around 1994. Because I liked the poem, I managed to get hold of her first novel, The Burial. She died in 1993 from cancer, but managed to complete a part of the Camino pilgrimage in the last few months of her life, and wrote a book as well about that.

To my astonishment, on Wikipedia a couple of weeks ago I found she is the mother of Ralph and Joseph Fiennes. She also drew and painted.

John Wetherell
“The Burial” is recommended by John Wetherell (see also his six things).
  • First published: 1961
  • Current availability: Second-hand/specialist booksellers

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