sunday best #20: Bing Bang Boing

Bing Bang Boing

Bing Bang Boing
Ideal Inc.
Released in 1972

Kona Macphee says:

When I was aged 3 or 4, Andrew who lived next door was given the classic 70s game Bing Bang Boing.

One of my most vivid early childhood memories is sitting in his living room and watching the balls bounce along their little trampolines. I was entranced, and ferociously envious that he should have such a wondrous toy to play with whenever he wanted.

I never had a Bing Bang Boing set of my own, but I think that early experience was the genesis of my ongoing fascination with marble runs, kinetic sculptures and Rube Goldberg devices.

The original TV advert for Bing Bang Boing – enjoy!

“Bing Bang Boing” is recommended by Kona Macphee.
  • First released: 1972
  • Current availability: Occasionally found in retro games shops

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