sunday best #18: Life After Birth

Life After Birth
Kate Figes
First published in 1998

Polly Clark says:

This honest, fulsome, generous and rigorous examination of what happens when a woman becomes a mother was a life-changing document for me when I had a baby.

I seemed to enter a world of half-truths, compromises and downright lies, and this book (alongside a few others, such as Rachel Cusk’s A Life’s Work) put me back in touch with a comprehensible world.

Like all books on these sorts of subjects, it came, was controversial and then faded, when it should be a compulsory offering for all parents, popped into the piles of leaflets you get thrust upon you when pregnant.

Polly Clark
“Life After Birth” is recommended by Polly Clark (see also her six things.)
  • First published: 1988
  • Current availability: Available on Amazon UK

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