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Polly Clark

About Polly

Polly Clark is a poet. Her three collections from Bloodaxe Books are Kiss (2000, a PBS Recommendation), Take Me With You (2005, a PBS Choice and shortlisted for the TS Eliot Prize) and Farewell My Lovely (2009). She produces the Literature Programme at Cove Park, Scotland’s International Artist Residency Centre, and lives on the West Coast of Scotland near Faslane naval base. She knows the difference between a frigate and a minesweeper.

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• One thing that’s always worth getting out of bed for

I don’t have the luxury anymore of wondering if it’s worth getting up! I have to, as my 4 year old has to get to nursery and the dog goes bananas if not walked by 7am. I have a lot of imperatives in my life now, where once there was reflection. Maybe for me the question is one thing it’s worth staying out of bed for… and probably it’s simply I don’t want to be that person – the one that stays in bed.

• One thing about myself that often obstructs me

Excessive sensitivity.

• One thing I’ve learned the hard way

That true kindness is rare, but when you stumble upon it, magnificent.

• One thing that gets under my skin

Just one thing? Almost everything gets under my skin. Like I say, I’m very sensitive.

• One thing I’d love to change

The past.

• One thing I hope for

More time than I know I’ve got.

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