sunday best #15: “They Were Better Live”

They Were Better Live
Weddings Parties Anything
Recorded live at the Central Club, 1998

Kona Macphee says:

It’s been a long time since I lived in Australia, but one thing that never fails to transport me back there is the music of Weddings Parties Anything – rocky, folky, raucous, political, romantic, satirical, and somehow just quintessentially Aussie.

The Weddos were never megastars, but they were stalwarts of the Aussie music scene, with a deservedly large and loyal fan base. For a number of years, they played a series of gigs in the immediate run-up to Christmas at the Central Club in Melbourne; the last time I was in Oz, at Christmas in 1996, I went to one of these gigs with my old mate Tom. It was a hot, sweaty Melbourne summer night, but we all just threw more ice down our shirts and kept on dancing. Magic.

In 1998, the Weddos finally decided to split, and their Christmas gigs that year were their swansong. This album was recorded live at those gigs, and is full of all the rough edges, energy and emotion that we loved them for. Tom sent me a copy of this two disc set, and I cried all the way through both CDs; I don’t think I’ve ever felt so homesick, so nostalgic for lost youth, lost times and lost friends, before or since.

“They Were Better Live” is recommended by Kona Macphee.
  • Recorded: 1998
  • Current availability: Available via Amazon

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