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Mat Barnett

About Mat

Mat Barnett lives in Cambridge, and is the founder of web design and development company mjbdata.

When not busy saving the web one site at a time, or relishing the company of his lovely wife and entourage of delightful daughters, Mat can be found playing poker and cementing his reputation as the fastest pun in the west.

Mat’s website:

• One thing that’s always worth getting out of bed for

An interesting opening poser. I suppose the answer should be something that can’t easily be experienced in bed, so that rules out ‘toast’ and ‘a cup of tea’. ‘A precious moment with one of my darling daughters’? Too obvious and sentimental. Besides, they’re still at young enough ages to gatecrash their parents’ bed of a morning, (apparently it’s more comfortable and warmer).

My flippant answer would be ‘going to the toilet’. That’s a definite, but its not exactly life-affirming or inspirational. Going for a nice walk? What?! Witnessing a beautiful sunrise? If that was the case then I wouldn’t be struggling to remember that last time I did that. Suddenly everything I can think of seems either clichéd or dull. Perhaps getting out of bed is where I’ve been going wrong.

My answer must therefore be, ‘getting into bed’, particularly after an exhausting day or, even better, after toast, a cup of tea and an invasion of offspring. If a glimpse of a sunrise is caught while making the tea or on the loo then even better.

• One thing about myself that often obstructs me

Hesitating – thinking about things a tad too much sometimes.

• One thing I’ve learned the hard way

That the only lessons worth learning are the hard ones.

• One thing that gets under my skin

People who don’t indicate at roundabouts.

• One thing I’d love to change

My first answer.

• One thing I hope for

Lower taxes.

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