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Richard Jones

About Richard

Richard Jones is a computer programmer who is into gadgets and video games.

While his day job keeps the internal systems at Inc connecting people around the world, he moonlights as a game developer, working on one of several neat games. He’s active in the Open Source and Python programming language communities and runs the bi-annual game programming challenge PyWeek as an excuse/outlet for his hobby.

Richard on twitter:

• One thing that’s always worth getting out of bed for

I’m a sucker for technology and there’s always something cool to learn about every day. It might be some new device, a new app for my phone, a new programming library that I could use in a game I’m writing.

Also I usually get a smile and a hug from my daughter when I get up. And she continually amazes me with the things she’s learnt or done. That’s pretty cool.

• One thing about myself that often obstructs me

I find it far too easy to get distracted while learning new things. This can take a couple of forms; either there’s some obscure branch in the path to the knowledge I’m after that seems really interesting but is really not needed right now, or the effort seems so great that it’s easier to procrastinate. That happens a lot, and usually results in a bout of The Internet or The Latest Video Game.

• One thing I’ve learned the hard way

Simpler is often better. Too many times I’ve attempted something and gotten bogged down in details, or been overambitious. Sometimes you just need to have a quick go, see if it’s workable and put it to use. And then fix it up when it breaks, or add on extra bits when they’re needed or would otherwise make things cooler.

• One thing that gets under my skin

People in power (media, government, education, religion or just celebrities) who knowingly mislead the public about important issues because they have a vested interest, or just have an ideological axe to grind. This is especially irksome when the issues are based in science, and the conclusion of the public is that science cannot be trusted. It is more saddening when the result is people, often innocent bystanders, getting hurt.

• One thing I’d love to change

I’d love to have more time to spend with my family and more time to spend playing with my video game creating hobby. Sometimes those are compatible, which is nice.

• One thing I hope for

That the world can become a better place for my daughter and I don’t break her before she gets to appreciate it.

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