sunday best #12: “The Non-Designer’s Design Book”

The Non-Designer’s Design Book
Robin Williams
1994? (Second edition published in 2004 by Peachpit Press)

Kona Macphee says:

This very useful book is an introductory guide to graphic design, intended to help non-specialists with the task of designing simple items like flyers, invitations and business stationery.

Williams emphasises four basic design principles – Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Placement – which are easily remembered as a result of their striking-if-somewhat-inappropriate acronym.

I particularly appreciate the book’s clear expression of simple principles, and the way these principles make sense of my own inarticulate instincts for what layouts look “right” or “wrong”, and what typefaces look good together.

“The Non-Designer’s Design Book” is recommended by Kona Macphee.
  • First published: 1994 (?)
  • Current availability: Available on Amazon UK

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