sunday best #8: “Picnic at Hanging Rock”

Picnic at Hanging Rock
Directed by Peter Weir and released in Australia in 1975.
The film is adapted from Joan Lindsay’s novel of the same name (published in 1967).

Michelle McGrane says:

“What we see and what we seem are but a dream, a dream within a dream.”

On Saint Valentine’s Day, 1900, a party of schoolgirls and teachers from Appleyard College take a day trip to Hanging Rock, a volcanic formation in Victoria, Australia. Under mysterious circumstances three students and the Mathematics mistress vanish…

Beneath the civilised veneer of Victorian life, sinister forces brood. The unresolved disappearances, their ensuing effects on the turn-of-the-century community, the dreamy, soft focus cinematography, vintage costumes and Zamphir’s panpipes make the film unique and unforgettable.

Michelle McGrane
“Picnic at Hanging Rock” is recommended by Michelle McGrane
(see also her six things).
  • First released (in Australia): 1975
  • Current availability: Available on Amazon UK (3-disc edition)

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