sunday best #5: “Greenvoe”

George Mackay Brown
First published in 1972

Alastair Cook says:

My sunday best is “Greenvoe” by George Mackay Brown, published in 1972. He was writing it when I was born in 1971.

George Mackay Brown, the Orcadian poet, author and dramatist, is better known for his poetry and his second of six novels, Magnus. Greenvoe, perhaps because of being his first novel, is full of poetic intention, satisfyingly fleshed out characters and an incredible story. I open it randomly:

“A throng of brazen echoes inside, a slow whisper of feet. The door knob turns”

This in itself is both a story and a poem.

Alastair Cook
“Greenvoe” is recommended by Alastair Cook (see also his six things).
  • First published: 1972
  • Current availability: Available on Amazon UK

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