sunday best #2: “Running for the Hills”

Running for the Hills
Horatio Clare
Published in 2006 by John Murray

John Wetherell says:

When I see the word Bestseller, as a rule I switch off or experience something vaguely akin to revulsion. I am basically a snob I fear. This does not stop me from browsing WH Smith in the futile hope of finding quality. And so it happened: one day in 2006. I came across this book and somehow knew immediately that I would love it. Uncanny. I did not even have to read the blurb (although I did of course read the blurb). The Daily Mail says: ‘So beautifully written that you almost hold your breath’ – and for once I agree with the Daily Mail.

The author, Horatio Clare, was barely thirty when he wrote this memoir of his childhood spent living on an isolated sheep farm somewhere in the general direction of Wales. His parents were both successful journalists in London, but they wanted to try the rural thing.

Waxing enthusiastic here, I have almost talked myself into re-reading it. It is really a very lovely book indeed.

John Wetherell
“Running for the Hills” is recommended by John Wetherell.
  • First published: 2006
  • Current availability: Available on Amazon UK

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