sunday best #1: “Solitude”

Anthony Storr
First published in 1988

Kona Macphee says:

The book “Solitude”, by the late Anthony Storr, explores the ways in which work and creativity can be a source of fulfillment in life, rivalling (and in some cases exceeding) the fulfillment achieved through personal relationships.

Storr wears his erudition lightly, providing a rich set of examples of highly creative individuals with solitary work habits, and an intriguing exploration of the psychology underpinning the arguably related phenomena of solitude and creativity.

My father sent me a copy of this book shortly after I left my first marriage, and in it I found both a reassurance that my overwhelming need for regular solitude was neither aberrant nor necessarily counterproductive, and, perhaps, an expression of fellowship from a man of few words and an even more self-contained temperament than my own.

“Solitude” is recommended by Kona Macphee.
  • First published: 1988
  • Current availability: Available on Amazon UK

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